Who Are We

Andrew Richardson

A well known and respected figure in Australia’s vibrant music fabric who powers through the golden years of the worldwide modern music miracle

A dedicated music lover, musician and friend of music continually celebrates creative human endeavour

Andrew created the great Sydney establishment Paradise Studios which produced some of Australia’s greatest music during the 80’s and early 90’s

He sold Tom Misner creator of SAE the first Soundcraft 8 bus recording console

It was a special order- the first in Australia

He  created the great Live at Basement studio with Doug Mulray who pioneered live radio streaming to record some of the greatest acts appearing on The Basement Stage.

Now he’s at it again creating the new

Bulletin Place Studios

Andrew’s ordered the first TreeAudio Roots 16 ch MK2 valve mixing console 

to complete the refit of

Sydneys iconic Basement Live Studio.

Phil Snow- Studio Manager/Producer/Engineer.

Music and sound have been in the families blood for a long time.

On mum’s side are all the musicians.

Dad, it was all about technology and education.

Well and truly bitten at an early age by the creative technology bug and educated in music from an early age has lead Snowman on adventures all over the world, interacting with great people, on all sorts of wonderful and creative activities.

Live Music, Recording, Film, TV, Broadcast, Theatre, and Education.

Bulletin Place Studios is Snowmans next adventure!

“We’ve put together some great technology with passionate creatives, musicians, technicians and videographers who want to try and do something a little different with the interactive possibilities of the new entertainment paradigm.”