Gear for Sale

Gear listed on this page is in excellent condition and well looked after. 

Check conditions of sale below. Prices listed inc GST. 

  1. Neve Prism Rack 4x Pre/Gate/ Comps and 6 x EQ recently serviced mar 2019 new tranny in PSU- $4950
  2. Tubetech SSA 2B 20 Channel Summing box $3450
  3. Neve 9098 Comp Limiter stereo (serviced dec 2018) $1980
  4. Neve 9098 Pre EQ Mono $1250
  5. Neve 9098 Pre Stereo $950
  6. Raindirk Pre EQ Rack 16 Ch (Serviced Mar 2019) $5250
  7. Tree Audio Branch Tube channel strip AS NEW! $4250
Neve Prism Rack
Neve Prism Rack 4x Pre/Gate/Comp 6x EQ
Tubetech SSA 2B
Tubetech SSA 2B Summing 4 Mono 8 Stereo
Neve 9098 Comp/Limiter
Neve 9098 Mono Pre/EQ
9098 pre
Neve 9098 Stereo Pre


Raindirk Rack 16ch
Tree Roots/ Branch
Tree Roots/ Branch Tube Pre/EQ/Opto Comp/ DI

Conditions of sale:

All effort will be undertaken to pack items with care.

Insurance and shipping at purchasers expense.

Item will be shipped in working condition.

All goods to be paid for in full before shipping.

D.O.A. return.

No refunds.