More fun with sound!

Welcome audio creatives.

Musicians, budding  producers, hard nosed live or recording industry vets.

You may find missing bits and pieces of useful stuff to add to your audio knowledge or some entertaining thoughts and stories here.

The goal here is to get you into your gigs and Bat Caves, get better results with less effort, make a better living and spend more chill time with interesting people.

So how can you achieve an audio balanced life when producing great audio can be quite challenging and demanding?

It’s not that difficult!

Let me explain……

Audio old school, new school and hybrid workflows are faced with the same fundamental challenges in presenting audio to the human ear since humans became interested in sound!

The fundamentals never really change…..

They are based in the laws of physics and the way the human is built!

Fashions, tools and techniques change.

So how do you get audio to sound good?

The answer is really simple- Who cares!

Well we do and it’s our job to care

but how we do it….

well that’s the fun bit.

Let’s begin by ditching some obstructive concepts or by ignoring misleading questions like “what’s the best bit of gear to…..” or  “what’s the the right way to …..”

Let’s reduce some confusion and stress caused by pursuing such thoughts and focus on the

WHY we do things!

If you are unsure as to the WHY of doing something to a bit of audio then you’ll probably find lots of useful ideas here.

A good guiding principle to start with is to keep it simple, K.I.S.S and not spend heaps of time and energy stuffing it up!

We’ve all known for a long time that we must do certain things to enable the ear to have an enjoyable listening experience.

Do you have a way to gauge if what you are doing is on the right track and are your efforts going to produce the desired result?

Are there any proven techniques that will show you your work is doing good to your audiences ears?

Restore the joy….

Work in a confident relaxed manner…

Get more done…..

Improved and more consistent results…..

Have a great time with people

and have more fun!

Use the information here to live the dream and make a better audio living!

Cheers, Snowman.

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